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    Is there a way to tell if your dispatch center has entered the information correctly. From what i understand it could take over a dozen actual calls for the system to start operating correctly. It could take several weeks for us to reach that number of calls and it would be nice to know if that is all we are waiting on.





  • Try making an account via , and see if you can login w/ your cell phone # you provided your dispatch. If you can, then most likely they entered in the correct data. The only other thing is if they chose iPhone and your on Android, or Android and your on iPhone, etc - that could cause alerts not to get to you. In my experience, when I activate a new account - they get the very first call that comes in after they are activated to the app.
  • Adam, that's not what cjc is asking. CJC - if you send A911 the exact format of the calls coming that might be easier?
  • Ah he's trying to activate his agency altogether, gotcha. 
  • CJC, even with a wrong parser, you should start getting something from Active911 when you get a call if everything is set up properly at your dispatch center.  All the "dozen calls" does is give the Active911 staff some data to use to build you a custom parser, if needed.  Your calls should start showing up on your smart phones the moment your dispatch center pages you - assuming they have entered the information you gave them correctly.  It might just look weird on your devices until the parser is built. 
  • Yes, thats the way its working for me....get the special email addr to your 911 dispatch center and once they start sending it to A911, you'll see the alerts generated, but they won't be formatted correctly so may lack data on nature of some cases, you may see the phones on your acct as locatable on the GPS map.  But, until A911 completes the activitation on their end, you won't be fully up and me, there is a few weeks backlog they are working thru...