UPLoading KML or CVS data HELP!
  • I am not able to get my Hydrant data to upload.
    thinking it is a format issue. several different errors listed depending on the format used. One states "locations are 9173 miles from my city" At a complete loss. I have the KML files as stated would work (Fail)  I then converted them to CVS (Fail). I used Openoffice and exel.
    I'm trying to demo the software in order to give a recommendation to my Chief for implantation with terminals in the trucks and squads and access for all members via smart phones. Adding Hydrant Data would be a huge selling point for the command staff. 

    Here is a brief sample of my latest format tried. My city has 2807 hydrants located within.
    Hydrant 0001 39.3801483798 -84.6145001516 Hydrant 0002 39.4106023283 -84.6176607319 Hydrant 0003 39.4092681084 -84.6165653379 Hydrant 0004 39.4138772966 -84.6183493766 Hydrant 0005 39.3781182994 -84.6128204003

    Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help....
  • As I said in the other thread - just swap the #'s around and see if that helps. It seems like you have them backward if they are showing that far off from your proper location.
  • Adam, I appreciate the help.
    I had swapped the LON and LAT it did not help. I followed the format to a T.
    I worked a double Sunday-Monday and for 48 hours If i wasn't making runs or sleeping I was trying to get this data to upload. Very frustrating. I formatted reformatted, zipped, un zipped nothing worked. I have no specific computer training, but I have always been able to get figure things out eventually. I am preparing to present my opinion concerning Active911 to our Chief and administrative staff adding. Hydrant locations would strongly help make the case for releasing money from a constrained budget and placing terminals in each apparatus.
  • Do you want to email me your csv file from either Excel or OpenOffice?  I can take a look at it and compare it to the one I used. Message me here and I will give you my email address.
  • For anyone following this thread or searching in the future. I was able to accomplish the bulk upload eventually in what seemed like a long roundabout way. I feel it was most likely a format issue on my end, however better documentation and assistance from Active911 for the process would be helpful and appreciated. 
    Here are the steps I took that eventually brought success.
    Received .KMZ file from Water department
    loaded .KMZ file into Google earth and "saved as" a .KML file.
    uploaded .KML file into "KMLCSV Converter" which is a free program I downloaded online.
    I also downloaded OpenOffice and the OpenOffice template from Active911.
    In that spreadsheet I transfered the converted KML>CVS file into the proper format.
    -Heres the trick I stumbled upon that finally made it work
    I added a single row to the top of my spreadsheet. In that row I copy/pasted coordinates for a single random Hydrant from the Google Earth app. Make sure the Name - Description - LAT and LON are properly placed in their columns. After doing as described above my file was accepted and now my map is populated with all 2807 hydrants located within my city.
    I hope this helps anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation.
  • Update: I found a bug with the KML upload today, so it has not been allowing some uploads Since April 1.
    All KML uploading should work properly now.