Text Message Notifications
  • I remember when my dept entered my personal info into a registry of CAD recipients: It was in March or April of 2013, I believe. I began receiving text messages via my AT & T wireless network, independent of any WiFi/internet signal. I could then turn on my WiFi capability and select a link from within the text message and go to a web page with all the details and a map. Later, Active 911 sent a notification that their service had been updated and a new program was developed. I remember a suggestion was made to delete the old app and go to Google play to install the new app. Now, I never receive text messages through the 4G network. The new program seems to be entirely dependent on the internet, which is not available while driving, for example. When a call is dispatched, my pager alerts. When I return to the station and my phone detects the WiFi, I receive the Active 911 alert late. Is there a way to receive text messages? I cannot find anything about this in the forum and I don't see a search engine where I can enter the word "text." Hmmm...
  • I suppose this would be considered an SMS, rather than a "text," per se. Yet, I don't SMS people -- I text them. Maybe there is a difference? Either way, I get no alerts via 4G and I am finally asking for help. Thank you in advance!
  • Have your agency administrator change your device settings from a smart phone to a dumb phone.  You will get the SMS messages instead of using the app.
  • Much appreciated... I will try that.
  • I would expect that your cellular service can support SMS and Internet data service...it may be that you haven't signed up for data service with your cell plan but you do have text msging and of course WiFi is free but you need to be within feet of the broadcasting device. If A911 thinks you have a smartphone it relies upon your phone having data service, and if you don't then you won't see anything until you get near to a WiFi signal.
  • Zachary, do you have a data plan?  Can you use the internet (email, web browsing, etc) when not near a wifi signal?
  • Just to follow up: My administrator changed my cell phone type to a non-smart phone. I continue to receive Active 911 alerts via internet only. That is only applicable when my WiFi is on and I have a network, or my data is on. So, those who have commented are 100% correct. However, I would have to have my data plan on every time I leave the range of a wireless network. My data plan is not unlimited and it seems unreasonable that a person cannot simply get a text, independent of the internet. Think about it- do you send text messages solely via internet/data? You probably still rely on your cellular signal to a great extent. So how can a user get an active 911 message via text? Surely we are not that far removed from cellular signal messaging that this app only works via internet! Again, registering the phone as a dumb phone had no effect. Thanks!
  • BTW, my data costs $20.00/300 MB. When it is on, it takes priority as the method of transferring data, even when a WiFi network is available. So, it is wise to turn it off. Put the phone in your pocket and go shopping, come home an hour later and behold, an Active 911 message that is 30 minutes old shows up on my phone as soon as I connect to my home network. It may or may not call for my response. Knowing this, I tote my pager around everywhere I go. I would appreciate being able to leave my pager at home. I work 24 on / 48 off. So, I only respond to a second alarm for any event. That could come to my phone as atext and I could avoid hearing tones on my days off for all the other calls/first alarms. Capiche?
  • Zachary, I understand what you're saying.

    The cell company treats text messages and "data" messages (like Google GCM pushes) differently.  If you are turning off your data, you will not get "real" Active911 app messages (though you will get SMS/Text messages, since they don't use "data").  The cell system will block your pages and you'll see nothing until you open your app and are surprised by one or more old alarms.

    For what it's worth, the Active911 app doesn't use data when it's not doing anything.  And even when it is at full operation, it only sips tiny amounts of data.  If you are turning your data plan off to avoid getting charges, it's some other app that is using all your bandwith.  You could use Active911 all month and it would probably only use a few MB (though heavy mapping might use more while in use).

    My recommendation to you is to turn your data on and leave it on all the time.  Find out what app is using all your bandwidth and uninstall it.  300MB per month is far, far more than you would need for Active911.

    If you absolutely can't afford to have a data plan, and you're not in WiFi coverage, your only solution is to get the text messages as you have been.  They are usually slower and always less useful, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  We have no control over things at that point - it's just a decision between you, your cell carrier, and your pocketbook. :)
  • Thanks, Joseph. I wish I was getting text messages from Active 911. If you go to my original post, that is the basis of this discussion. I need the texts and I don't receive them. I uninstalled and reinstalled thapp from my android yesterday, hoping to see some change. Nothing has changed, however.
  • Yes.  As long as your data is off, you won't get alerts from us.

    If that doesn't make sense to you, please call support so they can explain better. 541-223-7992. :)
  • Zachary, if you want text messages only, delete the Active911 application from your phone and do not re-install it.  It is not used for text message alerts.  Then, in your device setting in Active911, change your Device Type to "cell" and your Page Type to "SMS".  

    That will remove you from any data needs and deliver pages to you only via SMS.  They will come into your normal SMS application and will be subject to the 140 character limit typically imposed by the cell phone companies on SMS messages.
  • Thank you, Chadwick! Is the page type for SMS an administrator privilege? I don't see that option in my user account. I will mention it to our administrator to see if he can select the preferences you mentioned.
  • Yes, that is an administrator option only.