Multiple CAD Systems
  • I don't know if this is that unique, but our agency crosses two counties, and as such we are dispatched by two dispatch centers in their respective areas. These two dispatch centers use two different CAD Software offerings.

    Southern Software and Tiburon.

    One dispatch (with Tiburon) is already configured with Active911 for other agencies. 

    My question is this, with these two different systems, are we going to have issues with Active911 being to select the appropriate fields since it will be coming from two different CAD Softwares. Is there anything that I need to do to ensure that this will be accurate and effective. 
  • Maybe A911 can place two parsers on your account if they are completely different, or if you can get them to conform to a standard listed in the help here either StandardA or CADPage?

    You should call them and ask!

  • I'm almost positive they can create multiple parsers for your agency - I asked them this same question last year.  We ended up not getting messages from 2 different dispatch centers but A91 said it was possible to do multiple parsers and activate them based on the incoming message.  Give them a call or fill out a support request.
  • NIcholas -

    Did you get this resolved? I have the same situation, just recently having added a second dispatch center.

    If this was resolved, what steps were taken?


    Bernie White
    Miesville Fire & Rescue
  • I work with Logisys CAD and I am having a problem getting it to work with once certain incident type. Has this happened to others? How do you resolve this?
  • We had a few small issues when we initially set up with streets and locations not plotting correctly, and with some training to some of the dispatchers, it was fairly easy to solve. 

    As far as the actual paging goes, Active 911 was able to set up two parsers one for each dispatch and that allowed them to dispatch us and has been working fine for two years.