Active911 calls to Department Facebook page
  • The word document linked below gives instructions for displaying call information from the Active911 RSS feed to a departmental Facebook page.
    It was written for Benton County, Arkansas departments, but should work for all.

  • Ken, that's pretty cool.  Would you mind posting a copy of that to the wiki?
  • I'm not experienced in editing wiki's, but you can post it there if you like.
  • I am trying to do this,but when I use the IFTTT site the url you provide for the RSS gives me this error: 
    Feed has items without valid urls 

    What am I missing or doing wrong?  I am following the tutorial that Ken Z shared above to the letter.

  • Try placing the RSS URL in your browser and see if you get an rss feed (an xml document) containing call information.  

    i.e. replace the xxxx in this url with your newscode,  and paste into your browser - you should see an xml document returned.

      My guess is you've just activated RSS and have had no calls since doing so, so there is nothing for IFTTT to find.  You may have to wait until you've had a call after setting up your RSS feed then go on and do the IFTTT setup. If this turns out to be the case, let me know and I'll update the document.
  • Thanks for getting back to me Ken,  I put the URL in the browser and I do see call information populate.

    We've had Active911 for a few weeks and there is plenty of call info in there, so I am unsure what the issue is. 
  • I had to put a URL in the second box without the default filed in there, so I just pasted a link to our website.

    The only problem with this is I would want to filter out specific call types like MURDER and SUICIDE I wouldn't want posted. I can't add the RSS URL to feedrinse because it appears to be invalid, nor can I add it to feedburner as a way to get it into feedrinse.... or maybe they don't support https....

    I am sure this will be a low priority but could we get a way to specify what our call types mean? Have two sections so you can specify what is shown in the app and what is shown in the RSS feed... I could change the examples above to non-specific calls such as a MEDICAL...

  • A google search shows the 'feed has items without valid urls' happens fairly ofter.  Seems to have somethign to do with the below faq.  I'd email IFttt and ask them for some help:\\

    Why am I having trouble with my feed in the Feed Channel?

    RSS feeds used in the Feed Channel have a few requirements:

  • I am using this with Twitter and it seems to be working well. I didn't want to overload our Facebook page with our call volume.


    Does anyone know if there is a way to add the generic location? (i.e. Name of the business, name of the location or block number of the address?)



  • EntryContent would give the full address as sent to active911.  You'd have to find some way to filter it to just give a partial address.
  • I got it to work using IFTTT, it looks like that site was given a facelift as some of the screens were different when I logged on a few days later, so I dont know if that was a contributing factor. 

    However, after I created the accounts, set up the feeds to Facebook, I then realized I needed to delete the whole darn thing, since we use Active911 to send out a lot of inter-department messages thru the program they were showing up in the feed and we can't have that.

  • So i got it to work however i have page groups. Will the RSS still  see the info if the alert address is changed with the prefix  and fwd all info?
  • I could see this as very useful if I could only pass through certain run cards (FeedTitle).  I don't need to post every medical call we run but larger incidents that might impact the public (vehicle accidents, fires, wildland incidents, etc) would be nice to post.

    Richard also has a good point.  We use Active911 for member communication (recalls, large event info, etc) and that does not need to be posted to the public.
  • I have been messing with this for two days. I have a test group setup within active 911 as to not disturb the masses. When I setup the  IFTTT , I can get ONE alarm to pass to the facebook page, but anything after that, it doesn't update.

    The RSS feed link will show everything but it stops posting to Facebook.

    Any ideas ?
  • Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but we are trying to get IFTTT and Facebook to show our calls. The "recipe" on IFTTT is set up and published with the right code from Active 911, but nothing ever shows up. I have the info from Benton County's page and can't get anything to pass through. Is there any old info on their instruction doc that isn't valid any more?

    Thank you,

  • The IFTTT recipe as described is still correct. I used a similar setup to publish our Active911 alarms to Twitter, except I used the RSS "New feed item matches" option to publish only certain alarms.

    You can see three recipe variations (publish all items to Facebook Page, publish some items to Facebook Page, publish some items to Twitter) on our IFTTT profile:
    Webmaster for West Mead District #1 VFC, Meadville, PA
  • The Active911 RSS function continues to be crippled by the lack of a GUID for each item.
    Webmaster for West Mead District #1 VFC, Meadville, PA