• Can you please provide an update on what your working on and a time frame for all achievements.
    There has been no communication on what's going on with Active911 for over a month. 
    Maybe do a weekly or monthly update on progress???
    A bit more communication will probably quell a lot of discussion on what's going on, on the forum
    Thank you
  • months, bump.
  • Thanks for the update via the email -- unfort no word on the Windows app , would of liked to of heard where things are on that front - but thank you for the quick update nether less.
  • We are working on a customer facing road map right now.

    Windows app is still in the 'hey, we need a Windows app!' stage of development. We realize that some people really want this, but we need to get through some other stuff first.
    Active911, Inc
  • BUMP!
    Still no real communication????????
  • We are working on improving communications right now. We have been so busy answering individual tech support requests and working on improving infrastructure that we have let the communications side slide and for that, I apologize.

    A brief update, as much as I can give at the moment, is as follows:

    Bryan and I are manning the support desk, handling the customer interaction side and writing parsers for agencies. We have roughly 500 parsers to write. We have a few more people writing parsers with us.

    Joseph is working on infrastructure upgrades and fine tuning the new parser engine. Jonathan finished the account renewal functions on the site is working on API  stuff and adding the customizable response buttons.

    We can stay in better contact and churn out more features and parser updates if we can reduce the number of incoming tech support requests. 50% of the requests we receive are from users submitting tickets for things like getting their device code or having their password reset. Our load would greatly be reduced if these issues were handled by the account administrators. If the problem is beyond their ability to solve, they need to be the ones to contact us with the full information (device code for the problem device, Active911#, etc).

    We are also beginning a blog at Jonathan is beginning to write about development updates and I will be highlighting issues that come across the support desk, trends, tips, and hopefully some tutorial videos. We would like to begin some sort of livestream or Google Hangout as well. 

    Thanks for hanging in there and keeping after us about this! We are definitely going to be refocusing a little on our communication!
    Active911, Inc
  • Tyler,

    I think you guys have to make a decision on your support model. Clearly you don't have the capacities to handle all support inquires. Some companies only allow the customer admins of their software product to contact support. This would cut out the 50% you are speaking off. Another option is you hire a low level person that handles those 50%.

    I entered a ticket last week and again... have not gotten a response from you guys. I have also heard from our local county wide dispatch center, that contacted you (someone at Active911) to work on an interface to their CAD and was told you don't do that/are not interested. I hope that that didn't happen because you were busy resetting passwords.

  • They are currently hiring, or may have hired a support type person. That answers calls, emails etc.. Its on their frontpage. I agree that only Admins should call for support. You dont need every firefighter calling regarding simple things, that either their Admin type can figure out w/ them, or if needed to elevate, the Admin could call it in. I agree that would cut down on all these emails/phone calls you are getting. 

    Also, ultimately - the bugs need fixed. Watching was said to be removed, and even working on a beta example I could of sworn last summer. It was even said that it would be in a new Webview update. Unfortunately, Webview update comes out and we can change the zoom level for our hydrants for not smattering the screen - but the watching issue still exists after the update? Where is that? It simply is in the code to put on the screen. We don't need watchers. If anything give us that, and soon. It's crazy seeing 20+ watchers all over the map - they are not of importance to us since we need to know where the people are who click RESPOND type associative buttons. 

    EDIT - Tyler posted today that a 'Watching' fix is coming soon! 

    I have offered help for almost a year now, and I have never been asked for any. I have given countless feedback, reports, and reviews of multiple system configurations.. If these guys want to keep in business w/ PAYING subscribers they need to fix some of these serious bugs that have existed since BETA. You can't have people pay for product when its still a BETA IMHO. Soon, people will agree to this, and cancel because of the ongoing issues, unfortunately. This I do not want to happen - because Active911 is a great product, but no feedback, no input and no communication regarding big issues.. just 'it will happen in 2014' , is not really a good timeline and not good enough to your paying customers who have been waiting since a year from now w/ the same issues. 

    I have included fixes for your audio issues w/ IE Browsers in my feedback posts, and other fixes- all you need to do is simply copy/paste the code into your code. Simply ORG VOBIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE TO IE BROWSERS. you need to add a universal audio option as an option in code, such as MP3. I even gave the onverted in my feedback so you can convert your ORG VOBIS audio into MP3. I have also suggested an easy solution so we can utilize boxmaps/preplans via Webview. Again, the extension being used to call the preplans/pdfs etc do not work in IE browsers. A simple fix is to allow us to insert a custom URL to a hosting of our choice, so we can open our preplans from our hosting service. 

    I have done all this work, free of charge - and if you A911 had taken advantage of this assitance on my part, these problem would of been solved last summer. Yet they haven't. Not sure why honestly, or even if our posts are being read sometimes and taken seriously.

  • Adam, Totally agree, in regards to communication, I started this post last year sometime, and they promised to fix the communication side of things, but nothing really has happened. 
    All were looking for is a raod map of when updates are going to be released and what we can expect next and when, that's all were looking for. 
    Active911 has honestly bought our fire station into the 21st Century and they have a MASSIVE potential!! but I get the feeling they have either bitten off to much than they can chew.
    Active911 team please, please keep us in the loop and create better communications between clients and the company.

  • The whole ticket system needs to be re-vamped.  I would suggest any ticket filed by a non-admin would send that ticket to the admin for the department.  Any ticket filed by an admin would go to A911 support.  

    Also, give the admins more ability to control their account.  If we could fix our own paging parsing / field mapping, it would really help.  That is a huge issue and totally solvable by the admin if we could manipulate the field mapping (like most other dispatch parsing programs allow).  

    What are the top 3 issues hitting support and give the admins the ability to handle them on their own.

    When the Active911 system sends out an email stating our device is about to expire, it should come from the admin of the department, not Active911 and include the admins contact info, not Active911.  How many 1000's of support tickets is that generating that all need time to solve by A911 support when the admin of the department can easily handle.

    You are short staffed but you are doing what you can to keep costs down.  Help yourself and hand off support items to the department admins and pend you time fixing the "big stuff."  It is getting frustrating, to be honest.
  • Adam, I'm sorry we didn't get the "watch" status update out when you wanted it.  It's not for lack of wanting to.  We've just had more pressing things (setting up new servers to handle the increased load, allowing response button renaming, etc).  Updating the webview has come to the front of the stack in the last month or so, and I feel confident that you can expect an update soon.
  • Chad, thanks for your comments.  I think there is a misunderstanding here - the reason we haven't come out with new features as fast as we wanted to really has nothing to do with the number of support requests we get (since programmers aren't the ones answering those requests).  However, I agree that communication and documentation needs help!  Based on your comments, we're doing two things:

    1 - We're going to start having developers post stuff in these forums.  You probably won't see a high volume of posting from us, but what you do see should be accurate and confident information.

    2 - I'm taking you up on your offer.  Look for an Active911 wiki coming up soon. :)
  • Thanks for the update Joseph. I understand things get busy, and priority's take over other projects at times. Looking forward to watch being a toggle/removed from webview, / mobile, etc and looking forward mostly to a x86 version (Windows native app) of A911. Thanks for your hard work guys.
  • To echo Chad's comments, the way forward should be to leverage your community as most other forums do.  The active, and competent, SMEs can easily help with Q&As and they should be the ones that can direct difficult issues back into A911 teams to answer. 

    Roadmap seems like the easiest thing to address.  You simply post it to the Forum of the order and priority of the development items and ETA to product availability.  You always can change it, but at least you give your customers a view as to what is being worked that things like 'watch' have committed ETA.

    Just sayin.  
  • Sounds like Active 911 should take a trip onto Shark Tank to get some money for some help...
  • Well, we've followed your suggestions and now have

    - A wiki
    - A roadmap
    - Good forum monitoring and followup

    Everyone happy? :)
  • Where's the Roadmap posted?
  • Thanks! What does (3rd dev dependent) mean? 
  • means they need to hire a third programmer (developer).... probably one with Windows experience.
  • I was thinking that's what it meant, but was hoping that was not the case.Which means they haven't even started their Windows native application yet.
  • Just wondering if there are new Updates? And when the release of the IOS update will happen? Just havent heard anything for the last 2 months.


  • Just wondering if there are new Updates? And when the release of the IOS update will happen? Just havent heard anything for the last 2 months.


  • Is Active911 part of another company? Like a hosting or web development company? Something employees share responsibilities between the two companies?
  • Nathan, the iOS app update was sent to Apple last Friday.  We found a couple bugs, so we pulled it and did some bug fixes.  The most recent version of the release candidate was sent to the beta testers on Tuesday.  So far we have 1 possible bug, we are working to see if it is a real bug or if we can move ahead with App Store submission again.
  • I see the iOS update hit today. It was my understanding that this update was going to include the possibility to send messages from the app. We've been looking forward to that since it was promised in October. It's kind of a PITA to send the message via the website's Agency tab on the cellphone - and it won't allow sending to a group through the phone.
  • What kind of messages are you sending?
  • Routine announcements, as well as group messages such as to drivers or officers or EMS crews.
  • I just sent an email directly to our alert address to announce some changes. I didn't include a subject, just the body of the email was sent along to everyone with General Alert as the heading. This may be an option for you in the meantime?
  • Thank you, but it is not the solution that we're looking for. We were expecting something that was promised in the new update that was not delivered. I'm looking for the Active911 folks to give a status on that.
  • Norman, we haven't forgotten about this feature.  The iOS 7 update (this version) had been delayed way too long while we were working on other stuff.  The ability to send alerts from the app is one of the main features of the next version.  I'd like to get that out in the very near future.  Thanks for being patient.
  • Hi,

       I really dont want to be a pain, But what is going on????

    We are back to No updates at all... The news hasnt been updated for nearly 6 months, the blog for quiet a few months.

    I dont care if your bring out a weekly email or a monthly email or update, just something, so we know were we stand with known bugs, upcoming feature, etc etc....

    There is a known bug with iOS8 which people have raised on the forum and that I currenlty have, All that needs to be done is just say "known bug and were investigating"

    Please dont get me wrong Active911 is absolutely great but I think there just needs to be a bit more information flow.