Update but not alert?
  • Any ETA on being able to send updates without activating an alert? A friend of mine using the new Droid app says he is able to do that, just wondering when us Apple users might get that benefit :)

     - Rob
  • There is an entry for this under the light-bulb tab. It's only got 6 votes, go vote it up.
    Oh and I was wrong the android app acts the same as the iPhone app. When a duplicate alert comes in I get alerted again.  

    It would be nice if it was an option on the app.   Maybe a ringtone option for a duplicate alert that could be set to a differant ringtone, vibrate only, or do nothing.
  • Are they even watching anymore :) ?
  • Yep, we are.  Sorry it we seem slow sometimes.  We are working on lots of stuff behind the scenes!
  • Can you open the curtain a bit for us :)  
  • We are working on that too! I promise to devote more time to watching this!

    We are working on scheduling monthly sprints and how to let people know what is being worked on. We have been trying to find time to do this, but that means taking time away from needed server maintenance, fixing bugs, working on the features themselves, and finishing our new parser engine.

    Active911, Inc
  • New parser engine? Do tell... ;)
  • Yep, it's codenamed Polymerase and lets us configure parsers using a point-and-click interface.  So we can literally update people's parsers on the phone while they wait...

    Now we are wading through a backlog of approximately 1,000 parsers playing catch up.  Each one gets a new Polymerase parser replacement.
  • Will that system ever be customer facing with the ability to add fields?
  • That is the plan! You will be able to download the raw report (what is sent from your dispatch in it's raw, unparsed form) and build a parser using our Polymerase interface. Once completed, you can run tests on your older calls and it will score it based on how much useful information is extracted.
    Active911, Inc
  • How is the "update but not alert" feature coming along?
  • Is the new beta server from April getting closer to coming online?