Pagegroups Display Name
  • Would love to have a page group name separate from the programing.

    For those who use Cadpage Auto-Selection you have to list all units in the PageGroup Name "Engine1,Engine2,Engine3"

    We display a name Fire in front of the group name to show our users what pagegroup "Fire,E19,E29,E39,TW19"

    I think a great option would have a display name for each page group. Such As:

    Display Name: Fire
    Units Listed: E19,E29,E39,TW19

    Display Name: EMS
    Units Listed: M19,M29,M39

    Display Name: All Call
    Units Listed: always or failover

    This then allows users to just see the name rather then the listing of all units which is a waste of time and looks confusing for some people.
  • Totally agree with this.  We have page group names that are really long since we have to list each apparatus that is in it.  I'd rather do exactly what you describe and give it a descriptive name and then list all the units that it should page off of in a different field.  It's a bit confusing for the firefighters to find the correct page groups they want / need to listen to since the unit names in CAD don't always make sense (B151 is the battalion page group, BU151 is the bureau and BR151 is the brush truck - each is a separate page group but they look very similar in the list).
  • Yup, totally agree.  I've suggested this before. In fact, I think there was even something I created under the light-bulb tab, but it's probably buried in there.
  • This is something we are definitely looking into, but it will not be touched until the website is overhauled in 2014. We have a lot we are going to be adding and moving around, so we are still in the planning and discussion stages.
    Active911, Inc
  • What is the status of this? This is a feature that would actually make Active 911 somewhat useable for our department without taking too many steps backwards.