• I have experience (successful) with integrating HTE with Active911.  HTE is very old (at least our running version) but it works great.
  • We use HTE CAD400 and have some issues with mapping, some in town calls the town gets changed to the township and out of town calls don't map because the way CAD400 validates the address 
  • Do you use GPS from CAD or do you use an address lookup on Active911's end?  We have not been able to get HTE to include GPS coordinates in the dispatch yet.  Our IT director informs me that dispatch uses a separate mapping computer to verify addresses that is not (and can not) be tied back into HTE CAD.  I could believe that since our CAD is ancient but that seems like a basic feature for CAD systems...
  • Hi Chad,


    We use an address lookup on active911.


  • Jim, are you using the "normal" address lookup in Active911 that uses Google Maps or are you providing Active911 with a GIS database with "official" address / GPS information?

    I've found the Google Maps lookup is accurate about 85% of the time.  Not bad when you are going to a BBQ at a friends house but not ideal when you are responding to a heart attack.

    I really need Active911 to use "official" GPS coordinates for addresses, not a Google provided coordinate.  HTE is not modern enough to have a GIS tie-in so I have to rely on getting my GPS coordinates from an external source.
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  • If anyone out there is using HTE CAD400 and is willing to answer a couple questions via e-mail from our city IT director, let me know.  Our IT department has a couple questions they's like to bounce off others that have set this up.  My direct email is: