VisionAir and A911
  • I just got off the phone with a TriTech systems engineer who said that they are not able to send out messages. The only way to get calls to our server is to have the operator create a file, move it to a shared folder where the operator could either open an email client and send it to us or we could pull it. Since we do not have pull capabilities yet, looks like this CAD software is a no-go, for now.

    Update: This is exactly what PageGate does, so you should be able to use VisionAir with A911 if you get PageGate.   Also there appears to be a later post in this thread (below) that indicates that TriTech have updated things and made it more Active911 friendly.
    Active911, Inc
  • That's why we installed PageGate with our VisionCAD system... Speaking of - how's the template development going? :) 
  • Just for clarification, Tritech recently bought out VisionAir and now has two CAD products, VisionCAD and InformCAD.  Tyler, which one were you referring to? 

    We, as Rob mentioned above, have VisionCAD. We purchased PageGate so that we can send out emails to Active911. But we might be switching over to InformCAD. I was hopeful that InformCAD would natively be able to send emails and we could possible get rid of PageGate. It sounds like it might not, if you are referring to InformCAD.
  • I finally just noticed the topic heading that specifically states VisionAir. 

    I just attended a demo and I can now confirm that InformCAD can send emails directly without the use of PageGate and will work with Active911.