Installed Release Version - no alert for test page
  • I've just installed on my S4.
    Sending a test page, I see an active 911 icon pop up in the notifications area, but get no alert sound no popup and nothing in message history.

    Is this expected? (I'm just trying to confirm proper operation before a real alert)


  • This happens to me too w/ a HTC Droid DNA 
  • Same problem with Galaxy Note 2.  And the Active 911 phone number for tech support is not working.
  • Same in beta build... Although I think this might be the desired behavior. 
  • Same here; however, an actual alert sounded the alarm, no pop up though.  I'm pretty sure it is as designed.
  • Thanks John

    Appreciate the confirmation that real alerts will... alert.
    If it is works as desired, I think send a test message should be reworded to something like "confirm communication" 
    When I want to test a device my expectation would be that the test would replicate an actual alarm.

  • Same here on a Galaxy S4.
  • I get the same results with my Droid 3. Only shows up in the notification bar with no audio alert.
  • We just got a medic call.  The alert tone did sound but notification bar only and no pop-up.  If this is by design, what does the auto-open alerts switch do in settings?


    Another thing - unrelated.  Personally I turned 'enable GPS' to off in settings.  It will still enable GPS while the app is open but setting this to off will close the GPS when the app is closed (we are not using the feature to track responders yet).  It is nice to see the option in settings because I do not want the gps icon blinking and my battery draining once I close the app (or for others to track me if I am out and about and not responding!!).  Obviously you need to keep this on if you are tracking users locations otherwise closing the app will turn off tracking when users close the app.  

  • I still don't understand the auto open.. I think, if the screen is off, it will open to the alert once you unlock, but not unlock your phone. 
  • Since this is the initial release, a pop-up like cadpage did not have a chance to be put into the app.  We're told that this will be one of the initial updates.  What you will see however is that as long as the phone is idle and you're not in another app, when you have auto-open enabled, Active911 will open the app and display the alert details page.  That means that if you are doing something else on the phone, the alert will only display the Active911 shield in the notification area and won't disturb you in what you're doing, even with auto-open enabled.