What do you use for on apparatus?
  • So we've been looking at this program to replace our current program. The big selling point is the ability to upload our prefire plans. Our engines are turning into rolling libraries with the amount of binders and books we have! So I'm asking what is everyone using? CAD computer? If so, how do you keep it from running slowly. I've tried using it on my engines computer but the connection is so slow it would take forever to load the prefire plans when enroute to a call and if it sits idle long enough I have to relogin which takes time. iPad? Are there any problems with this route? I haven't had the opportunity to try this but have talked the white hats to look into getting a couple iPads to upload all our prefires and SOG's. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks



    Brent Dubay
    East Olympia Fire Department
  • We use iPads in our engines, truck and tanker and iPad minis in our brush trucks. For document storage we have them all linked up with a Dropbox account. You can add your preplans to the map points on Active 911 or store them separately on the Dropbox.
    Gary Dillon, Firefighter/Active911 Admin.
    Crozet Vol. Fire Dept.
    Crozet, VA
  • We have an iPad mounted in the front of every rig. Active911 is running all the time. Pre-plans are uploaded into the map data section as PDF files. We also wrote a custom iOS application to handle our old "map book" files allowing us to get our real map book on the iPad as well (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bolt-firebolt/id666900198?mt=8). We are starting to put our lock-out waivers on them so citizens can sign the waiver right on the iPad and then we sync the waiver using DropBox so we can attach it to our NFIRS report for the call.

    iPads have been working great and it's a much cheaper and smaller solution than Toughbooks.
  • HI... 

    With the iPads, I am curious about a few things.

    1) Do you use the built in cellular modem, or something external? I am curious, because we live in an area with limited cell coverage, so I am looking at solutions where we would use an M2M gateway with an external high gain antenna on the truck, and basically have a mobile WiFi zone. 

    2) Do you leave your iPad's plugged in and on with the "stock" charger? Is it robust enough for long term "always on" operation?.

    3) Are your iPads hard mounted on the trucks, or are they basically just 'there"?.. 


  • We use iPads with built in Verizon service. Another department in our area was using hotspot/jet packs but they had connectivity issues with them staying "on" all the time. We have been pleased with our set up.

    The iPads stay plugged in and on all the time, but screens off. We have not experienced any issues.

    The iPads are mounted in the cabs, I'd be happy to send you a photo of our set up if you send me your email.

    Gary Dillon
    Gary Dillon, Firefighter/Active911 Admin.
    Crozet Vol. Fire Dept.
    Crozet, VA
  • 1) We use the built-in AT&T modem. Our ambulances have a wifi hotspot in them and they bought the Wifi only iPads and GPS does not work. I would stick with the cell modem version if you can.

    2) We keep ours plugged in all the time using a Kensington 12 volt charger. You need to find a charger that will put out 2.1 amps. Anything less will not charge it with the GPS and screen on.

    3) We mounted them into the truck but they are removable.  They typically always stay on and in the trucks.
  • What CAD systems do you use and how does your active 911 talk back to it?