Auto Aid Dispatches
  • We have recently signed up for active 911 and everything seems to work perfectly, except when it come to auto-aid dispatches to neighboring cities. In these instances we recieve no active 911 alerts. Any info on correcting this problem would be very appreciated.
  • Are your auto-aid dispatches coming from the same dispatch center or different dispatch centers?  What dispatch program are you using? 
  • If you are not receiving a particular type of alert, it is because your dispatch center is not sending it to us. This is fairly common, especially when it comes to mutual aid calls. So many are done over radio only, they might not create a new incident in the CAD for you. The neighboring dispatch center normally notes it in their incident and send it out over radio to the new units.
    Active911, Inc
  • Thanks for quick response, most of our mutual goes thru the same dispatch center. We do have one that comes from a neighboring county. Unfortunately our county is in the middle of changing to a whole new system and is not taking any request for changes on the current one at this time. Once the new system is up I will more then likely have a few questions for the forum, Thanks again for the responses.