Status not updating over WiFi
  • I've been having trouble with the status (to station, @ station, unavailable) not working when I'm connected to WiFi. I'm getting the alerts when a new call comes in, and I can use the internet just fine on WiFi, but if I try to enter a response, nothing happens. If I turn off WiFi, it works right away. Also, if I just hop in the car and head to the station, as soon as my phone figures out it's no longer connected to my WiFi, the responses begin working. 

    I've recently changed from an Android phone to an iPhone, and I don't recall having this issue on Android. 
  • Sch5034,

    This sounds like it could be an issue with how your device is set up to handle WiFi or potentially with the plan your device is on. If you have already check with your carrier, I would then try the following steps in no particular order:
    -Restart device
    -Check Phone Settings to make sure all notification and location settings enabled
    -Uninstall and Reinstall the app
    -Check for operating system updates
    If the issue continues after you have checked/tried these troubleshooting steps, please contact support at