Status bar order in Webview
  • In the active 911 app I am able to sort the order of responding members by their status. (Available at the top, to station, unavailable and the watch). Is there a way to do this in the Webview?
  • This would be awesome by default in settings. Rather then to filter each call. Our board is 8 feet high on the wall and we only view it, and do not do anything hands on. 
  • Jeff O. and John Y., 

    There is a sort by response option within Webview, but it is on a per alert basis as to if it will sort by response or device name. There are multiple requests for this to be a setting that can be set for all alerts for that device, but it appears more feedback is needed before the developers want to implement it. If you are interested in moving this idea closer to reality, you can vote, comment and track it here: