Not alerting
  • I am not getting the pager alert but the call is showing up when I open the app
  • Ty D.,
    Please check the Settings section within your phone settings to make sure that all the notification settings for the Active911 app are enabled. If you need exact steps on how to check for this, please email us with the type of phone you are using.

    Also, please make sure that no one else is using your device code. If you have shared your device code or entered it on another device as a test, this could cause your device to stop receiving notifications. 

    If this issue persists, please email us at, so we can continue to troubleshoot this with you. Thank you!
  • I just enrolled in Active 911. I am receiving the banner alerts but not the tone I have selected (Fast Beep LONG). I tried to uninstall the app and reinstall it, but no change. I have checked my iphone settings and all my alerts are enabled and my volumes are turned up. All notifications are turned on. Anything else I might try?
  • Jodi S.,

    Have you check the volume buttons on the side of your phone? Also, there is a trigger above the volume buttons. Did you check this to ensure it is not on silent mode?