Active 911 Not making any sounds or alerts?
  • Okay so when I first installed the app it worked fine the first couple weeks. Suddenly every time I receive a call my phone no longer pages or makes any noise or pops up the app. I have triple checked all my settings and ringtones and re-installed with no luck. I am a volunteer firemen so its really annoying to miss a call because I did not hear it! If I manually pull up the app the call out will show but only after I have manually pulled it up. 
  • Yancey B., 
    Have you used your device code to register any other devices? This most commonly happens when more than one device is trying to share a device code. Device codes are intended for only one device at a time. If you used it on another device or if it just got temporarily disconnected and you are using an Android, please try this:

    -Enter Active911 app > Menu > Settings > Connection to Active911
    -Tap on Connection to Active911 5 times, until you see Renewing GCM Token
    -Tap on Connection to Active911 3 times, until you see Reregistering with Active911

    If you are using an iPhone, please try re-entering the device code. 

    If that doesn't help, please make sure that you do not have any restrictive modes enabled, such as Power Saving mode or Do not Disturb. These can disconnect the device completely or partially. 

    If these suggestions, as well as a phone restart doesn't help, please email us with this information at Thank you!