digital sign board
  • is it possible to hook in a electric sign board with active 911 to use to show calls at the station 
  • Hi Austin!

    We have a program called Webview, that shows the calls, responses, and where people are on a map. It doesn't give call routing, but it is what most people put up on TV in the station. Is that what you were looking for?
  • How can I get access to Webview ? Do I need a separate subscription with Active 911 ? I would like to try to set this up at my firehouse.
  • Zac,

    Yes, you will need a separate subscription for Webview. If you are the admin on the account, you will need to add a new device with the device type as PC and page type as Webview. That device will get its own code and you will need that to access it at
  • Austin, we use a product called PSIN, Its affordable, it works and my guys really like it.  
  • How much is PSIN costing you C1Mace? 
  • Is there a way to have the names that have clicked responding to show at the top of the list on the PC Web View screen? I noticed I can arrange them on the phone app now but haven't figured out how to on the computer.

  • Lee G., 

    This is a feature request and you can vote for it and follow it at this link:

    It looks like it has been planned to be worked on.