Pre-Alert and then Details Page, Responding personnel showing different on both lists

  • Our dispatch has recently gone to a system of sending
    Pre-Alert pages.  They send a Pre-Alert page out
    as early as possible to get us headed toward the station while they are getting
    the rest of the details of the call. 
    When they get the rest of the details, they send out another page with
    the updates.  This causes us to have at
    least two alerts on Active911.  If somebody
    hits the responding button on the SECOND alert, they go to WATCH on the first
    alert.  We have to look at all Active911 alerts to
    see who is coming to a call. 

    Is there
    any way to have all of the responses combined into one list for each call? 

  • If I understand you correctly, what I think you need to do is log into the website and under agency tab change your setting under “what should we do with duplicate alerts” and select to update. Also under that section look at the “What criteria determine what is a duplicate” and change this to whatever you need. So this will only create ONE Active911 alerts. Any everyones status should be in one spot.

    I could be completely off with this because we don’t use Active911 for that application. Just giving you my thought from the different settings.

    Hope that helps
  • I don't think that I can really go with only ONE Active911 alert for each call.  The text on the second page is probably going to be different.  Supposed to be more details on the call on the second alert.  There may be even more alerts if we get a run card or anything else. 

    I was hoping that there was some RunNumber or something associated with each Call that dispatch sends that would/could somehow connect all response status updates for this Call so that whichever alert we hit a response button for, it would show up the same for all alerts for this RunNumber...