Tracking Individual Call Responses
  • Hello - I hope I am not replicating another question and yes I have searched but did not find this topic. 

    My question is - Is there a way for Active911 to keep track of the calls you Respond to? and could this be reset based on a specific time frame?  Example is our department requires 15% response to all calls per quarter. 

    If Active911 could integrate this into a individuals home screen so they could keep track of all the calls they respond to. 

  • Dion,

    There is not currently a way for Active911 to keep track of this as a statistic on the application itself. We do track responses and keep them in the Alarm data that can be exported by an admin. However, to get the numbers desired, you or the admin would need to do the calculations yourself.

    This does sounds like a good feature request. The link to this feature request is Feel free to add any comments directly to the feature.

    Please vote up this and any other features on the Idea Portal that you  would like to see built. We use this to measure the importance of different features to users and plan the development work accordingly.
  • Jamie - Thank you for the information.  I tried using your link but for some reason I cannot log into that sight to enter this idea?