Device type automatically switches - not preferred
  • Good day.  I currently have my device set to "smartphone" for SMS messaging as I carry a Blackberry and the Android app does not function correctly on that device.  However, I do have the Android device on my tablet and when I opened the app my "device" was automatically changed in the system to send notifications to the tablet via the app away from SMS to my phone.  I also understand that if one installs and opens the PC app the alerting will automatically change as well.  Two questions:

    1.  I believe that notifications settings should be an explicit setting made by a person rather than automatically depending on what app accesses Active911.  Has this functionality been considered and/or is there a setting for this?

    2.  Our agency has blocked front line staff from accessing the 'users' and 'device' tabs and should the notification device get changed as above we have to contact an administrator to change it back.  Is there a permission option that would allow an individual to change the notification method, but only for their device(s)?  In my opinion this should be an individual user level option to set as opposed to administrators only.

    Thanks for any help.
  • Your problem is you are using two devices with one device code. You can only use one device code per device...not per Firefighter.
  • Thank you, Tucker.  That is my concern.  I am interested in using a single device for notifications but others for monitoring/reviewing.  There are several ways to access the Active911 solution and I don't think that using any one of them should automatically change the device used for incident alerts.  That's like the old cable "negative option billing".  :)
  • Len,

    We made a judgement call early within Active911 to make it easier for people to transition to new phones.  We decided the most recent device used is the one we will page to.  This helps keep our service simple and intuitive for a majority of people.  I would encourage you to put this idea in our idea portal to get evaluated as we possibly make a shift to more user centric models.