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  • Hello,
    I wanted to see if I could get some help on getting our initial dispatch and Run Reports sent out properly. I know there are other uses who use Tyler Technologies - New World CAD. For us our system sends emails with information attached in a .docx format. This information is converted to the formats you see below. For privacy reasons, the addresses have been removed and replaced with "ADDRESS" in bold.

    Please find below examples of our original dispatch and the final format that Active 911 was able to implement.

    Initial Dispatch:

    Kusumd300746412006-02-06T18:20:00Z2014-02-26T14:59:00Z1108618 5172512RIP AND
    RUN REPORTLocation Information:Location: ADDRESSAdditional Location Information:
    Nearest Cross Streets: DEAD END / PARMALEE HILL RD Venue: Newtown Phone:
    Station: Quadrant: NHL3District: NEWTOWN EMS Call Information:CFS Number: 127
    Call Type: M Sick/UnknownPriority: High Caller Name: ROSECall
    Date/Time: 03/10/2017 16:02:24 Dispatch Date/Time: 03/10/2017 16:06:20 Unit: A3DispatchedEnrouteArrived
    03/10/2017 16:06:20
    to HospitalAt HospitalCleared
    Number(s) 2017-00000533 Newtown Ambulance Units Sent: A3 Alerts: Alert Name:
    Priority: Additional Info: Narrative: Narrative TimeNarrative Text 03/10/2017

    CALL: Sick/Unknown "M" was removed
    PLACE: N/A (Our dispatch does not send this info)
    ADDR: ADDRESS (as noted above)
    ID: 0533 (last 4 digits of incident number)
    PRI: Stripped (Our dispatch does not accurately use this)
    DATE: CAD date (03/10/2017)
    TIME: CAD time (16:02:24)
    MAP: N/A (Dispatch does not send this info)
    UNIT: A3

    Each field is properly updated in the application, we have to work with the support team to finalize this and I believe we will get it perfect in the next day or so. 

    The next part is what we need to fix in order to work properly

    Our CAD system is set to send a second email once the call is closed which we use as our run form. This provides times and associated units that have been added to the calls. We need this information to be cleaned up. We want our notes section to be amended in a format such as the one below. 

    We have a python script that has been used in the past to deliver the data in the following format:
    #0092--03/09/2017 14:44:17: 71 S MAIN ST 
    Cross Street:
    Unit Disp Enr Scene Clear
    102 14:44 14:44 14:46 14:49
    107 14:46 14:46 14:49 14:49
    112 14:44 14:49
    113 14:44 14:49
    131 14:46 14:46 14:49
    132 14:44 14:44 14:49
    133 14:44 14:44 14:45 14:49
    A4 14:47 14:47
    AMB 14:44 14:48
    Incident Numbers:
    2017-00000529 Newtown Ambulance
    2017-00000092 Newtown Hook and Ladder
    Processing consists of the following steps:

    1. Get the attachment into a file using a Linux tool called uudeview

    2. Run a python program that extracts the data of interest from the docx file, reformats it, changes some fields around, and then writes it to another file. One of the things that is done is to swap some times around. For example, when the first tone goes out, the time that is recorded is shown as AMB for the ambulance and PARA for the paramedic. When the ambulance responds, future times are associated with A1 (or A2 or A3). Similarly for 5D2. The code use the dispatch time of AMB as the time for A1 to make it look like dispatch new which actual ambulance would be responding.
    I know there are a lot of people who are trying to find a solution to the formatting of messages from New World CAD. We have a script that we've used that is able to read the formatting and put it in a clear output. What we would need is someone at Active 911 who would be able to have this process and update the existing pages. I think it should be possible as long as there is support to run the linux tool and the python script along side before transmitting the information back into the application. Once processed the information posts (for the Fire Department, our ambulance no longer uses this) to a website:

    I think that if the developers can use this data that it would not only address our needs but could be deployed for other departments who use this CAD system. It has been an ongoing request and I think collectively this could solve the needs of the many customers who use Active 911 and New World.

  • Daniel,

    We should be able to format this without the need of your python script.  This is a parsing issue, and support can make an adjustment to the parser for your account. We spoke last week on the phone, and I will be working to get this fixed for you.  The ticket number for your request is #2017030910001641. I'll reply to that ticket when I've completed the formatting.  Once we have done it for your department, we should be able to apply those changes to any other departments using New World, seeing as that is a pretty consistent format from our experience.
  • So if I read this right Tyler Technologies now works with Active 911?
    I was told in the past that Tyler Technologies didn't send the right email format to work on active 911.
  • Yes Tyler New World CAD will work with Active 911 we have had it in service for a couple years now.  You must purchase the paging component from Tyler