Map goes dim
  • Apologies if this has already been discussed but I couldn't find anything on the subject. When using the "Dark (Experimental)" theme when a call comes through and I click on the address to use the map the screen dims to the point of almost not being able to see it at all during the day time. As soon as I leave the map screen it returns to normal brightness. I haven't been able to find any settings in the app that address the issue and it only happens with the Active911 map. It isn't related to the screen timeout setting I've tried different times there and usually have it set to "none". It doesn't happen when I use the "Light" theme but I prefer darker color scheme.

    Any suggestions?
  • The "Dark (Experimental)" theme was designed as a "night mode" of sorts. It is designed to automatically dim the screen when the map is opened within the app, so that it isn't too bright, and easier to view when you're in a low light environment.
  • So there's no way to adjust that in a setting? I prefer the darker color scheme but I would like to have it where the map doesn't dim.
  • It is designed to auto dim, and right now there isn't a way to change it. If you're using the "Dark (Experimental)" theme, the screen will auto dim when you open the mapping system within the app.

    That sounds like a great feature request. You can add your request to the feature request page by logging into Active911, then going to the light bulb tab. In there is our list of features requested and the number of people that have voted for them. When adding a feature make sure it is not already on the list. Adding a duplicate could split votes and slow the implementation of your request.
  • I will also add or upvote this as a feature request.  However, the OP is correct - the maps are exceedingly difficult to read with the Dark Theme enabled.  It is not a feature request per se to fix this - it is (all due respect) an implementation problem.  At night when I am an officer on the medic I can barely see the map with Dark Theme enabled.  The remaining implementation of Dark Theme is fantastic.  Can someone look into this?  Thank you.     
  • I completely agree that this feels as more of an implementation problem rather than a "feature".  Do not get me wrong,  i love Active 911 and the Dark Theme in Genral, but the map is definitely not usable in the dim mode as is.  I believe the Google Maps API has a dark map option (much like MapBox) that would be better suited to switch to this map theme versus dimming the screen with the normal map.  I would love to see this dimming problem changed as I unfortunately cannot use the Dark Theme if I ever want to use the map as it is just not usable with how dim it is.
  • It was a missed use case when we first designed the dark theme.  I think we assumed people would switch to the dark theme to reduce the map brightness at night, but that does not appear to be the case. I will take a look at scheduling this.