Sharing Map Date
  • I know this has been addressed somewhat before.

    Is there a way to share our map data (preplans, hydrants, etc) with another agency without having to add each individual device. IE is there a way to authorize an entire agency to view our maps? If so, How? I see the "share map data" button in the map data tab, but how do I add that other agency so that all of their member can view the data that I input.
  • It is possible to share your map data with other agencies. The process is roughly outlined on our wiki here under the Share Map Data heading at the bottom of the page.
    Let us know if you need more help after reviewing the wiki.
  • I had them add me to their agency's account with the "Edit Location" box checked and it is still not letting me share the map data on my end. The other agency does not show up as an option to share with under my agency's account. Not sure what I am missing here. Thanks.
  • When you hit the "Share Map Data" button a dialog box opens that should have a list of check boxes for all the agencies that you can share with. Sometimes (if you are a user on a lot of agencies) these checkboxes are slow to load and don't appear for a few seconds.

    I would suggest contacting or calling (541) 223-7992 to get some help figuring out just what is going on.
  • What was the resolution?
  • Bill,

    I think the solved was in reference to a question he had about seeing some content on the wiki.

    Tom, I think this may be related to a problem in the web interface, and the fix is entering QA/Beta testing.  Can you list the department you are with and the agency you are attempting to share your data with? 
  • It did end up working. I had the other agency add me as a user with "Edit Location" privileges on their end. At first their agency did not appear in the "Share Map Data" dialog box, but it did appear several days later, so I don't know if it was something that had to be adjusted manually on the Active 911 side or if there is just a time delay of a few days, but it did eventually appear and the other agency is seeing our hydrants and preplans now. 

    That said (and I'm not a computer programmer, so I don't know how involved this is), but I think it would be helpful for us on the user side to be able to share our map data with whatever agency we wanted by simply clicking something in a dropdown box rather than having to be added to the other agency's account in order to share. Just my 2 cents.