location monitoring
  • I understand apple iOS allows constant location monitoring now even when an app is not open and running. Does active 911 plan on introducing this to the app? It would be nice for the location of our apparatus to be broadcasted even when the app is not open and running.
  • I'd be very interested in this as well.
  • This is a feature that we are currently looking into.
  • Any update on this?
  • Another vote..
  • yes please!
  • Please seriously consider this! For our application we use Active 911 and another local app and constantly switch back and forth, which loses the device tracking so the other responders and the dispatch center loses the current location on the apparatus.
  • Think this would be great on the PC app as well!
  • Any new information on this? I have been asked multiple times by our department officers if or when this may be available. 
  • This would be a significant improvement for my department as well. This is a big enough issue that if it isn't added in the near future my Chief is wanting to look into alternatives to Active911.
  • I am currently planning it out.  I think it will need at least 3 options:
    1. Do not track my location in the background (The default).
    2. Track my location, but with reduced accuracy and slower battery drain.  This accuracy is going to be pretty variable, but will correct when the app starts up again.
    3. Track my location in the background with precision even if it drains the battery.
    What do you guys think?
  • Bryan,

    I like the options. Can I request one more though for our guys? Can you have the app track their locations on their phones by default for 15 minutes once they select a response? It would be extremely beneficial for us to see where they are while coming to a call. 
  • I agree that all these options are beneficial.

    Within our apparatus we have our iPads receiving a constant charge so I am not too concerned about battery life, and would definitely trade off battery power for location accuracy.

    Thanks for canvasing for input.
  • Tucker,

    That is a good idea, just have a few thoughts on it.  The iOS operating system will aggressively kill background processes after 10 minutes.  Making the process stay alive longer would go against iOS and subsequently be more difficult and potentially error prone.  How important is that extra 5 minutes?
  • Bryan,

    15 minutes would be perfect but 10 minutes would work for us as well. Just enough time that we can see where the members are coming from without their interaction (after a button press). 
  • Just to give you guys an update, we found a problem in our iOS app and the way we are rendering device icons. When 80+ devices are on the google version of the map at the same time, the app crashes.  

    Adding all devices to the map all the time would severely increase the number of crashes on the map for a large percentage of our users, so we need to fix this first.  We should have that fixed pretty quickly, then we can start on the always reporting position.
  • We are presently trying to track the location and status of a combination of Engines, Ambulances and Battalion Chiefs within 5 departments to enhance our auto aid capabilities. About 65 apparatus in all. We are capable of seeing all the units most of the time. All of our iPads are on constant power. Your previous post with option 3- "Track my location in the background with precision
    Even if it drains the battery " is exactly what we need to make this work. We presently share all mapping including hydrant, preplans etc. with each other. This location function is sorely needed for our application. I would like to lobby for this change from the 5 departments I'm representing. Thank you for your consideration.
  • In addition to my prior post.  I envision that the fix to this solution would look similar to the attached Location options tab to this similar iOS app.image
    1125 x 2001 - 116K
  • That is exactly how i pictured it as well
  • Any update on this. We are really having a lot of issues with the IOS devices in the rigs just disappearing, and not receiving calls. You have to leave the program (home button) and punch back into it, and then the backlog of runs come through..

  • Mike,

    We've done the background iOS feature.  It's in external beta testing for iOS and internal beta testing for Android.  It's probably about a week out for both.

    The issues with not getting calls on your rigs sounds like an internet connectivity problem, but support should help you be able to narrow down the problem.  They can be reached at 541-223-7992 or support@active911.com.
  • This went live on iOS yesterday and should be propagating thought the app store over the course of today.  We were not able to get all the use cases in the first pass, but I will be adding them to the ideas portal for future iterations.
  • thanks for getting this up and running
  • Is there a way to set the iOS version to "Always" in location services? Right now it only gives two options - Never and While Using App. By changing background GPS settings, the vehicle locations are not showing.
  • Peeka, We have a setting with in the Active911 app's settings to set the location to always on. You would select "Precise Location." This will always show the location of the device. The only thing is that, the location will drop off the map, if the device is stationary for about 5 minutes. It should reappear on the map as soon the device starts moving again. 

    We don't have a way tot set the iOS version "always" in location services now. Let us know if the background location feature isn't working for you. We would need to know what OS version the devices are using.

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