Alphabetical Display
  • I checked the discussions and I don't believe I saw any pertaining to this. I apologize if this is a duplicate request or already on the radar. 

    It would be extremely helpful if the device names in the groups displayed alphabetically and if the window was resizable. It is extremely time consuming to verify if you have everyone in the group that belongs there. Thank You, 


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  • The device names should be alphabetically ordered everywhere that we display them, unless they are listed in a report view that sorts by timestamps.

    Are you having this issue on an iOS, Android, or PC device?
    Is this issue occurring in your web browser?
  • Robert, Erin is referencing creating a group in the "groups" tab of the web console.   The are listed in the order they are added, not alphabetically.  And the default window only shows 7 names and you have to scroll for the rest.  It actually *is* resizable via a handle on the bottom right, but only to the limits of your monitor.  If I pull to the bottom of my monitor I can see 19 names.  But I have a pretty big monitor at 27".  
  • Thanks for explaining that Bucky.