Pictometry and Webview
  • Is there a way to integrate Pictometry and Webview?
    I have access to both and it would be a nice feature to use at the station.

  • Was this something that could be done?
  • There is not at this time. We are looking at improving desktop functionality with our Windows Desktop app and are not planning any updates to Webview.

  • OHH I HATE to see webview go away! the Bing maps used in the pc version is WAY behind in updates when it comes to construction that is constantly happening here! If there would be a Linux version or something like that that would work with chromebox/chromebit that would be good. 
    Also just got dispatch started with a monitor and using it to monitor several county departments, not sure the pc app would be best for this, this would be a regression!
  • ALSO Webview is Dynamic but not REQUIRING interactive.. It can just display all the info on teh panel that we need...
    IOS and Win App needs input from an operator to display needed information...
  • Webview is not going away, we just found we were adding things to webview that were more suited for the PC app.  Since Webview is generally performing it's purpose well, we decided to wait on adjustments and new features until we have a better sense of what features are relevant to being on a large dashboard with minimal interaction.