Pagegroup Wildcard for "all users"?
  • Hi, we're looking at implementing pagegroups using auto-selection.  

    The thought is to have one for ALL members when any apparatus is dispatched, so that group would be named:

    E29, P29, TW29, R29

    Then when we have a fire police call, only our traffic unit is dispatched, so that group would be


    And when officers-only are dispatched, it's dispatched to the chief only so the group containting the officers would be:


    The second two groups will obviously require manual intervention any time updating is needed.  For the group that should get all personnel, It's easy enough the first time through to click the "add all" button to add members to the group.  BUT, when we add new members, this seems like adding them to this group could easily be overlooked.  Is there some kind of "wildcard" that can be added to indicate all users?  

    Also, just making sure- if we do set it up like above, and let's say an incident has E29, TR29, and CH29 all dispatched- an individual incident isn't created for each group, is there?  So in that scenario, if you're in all three groups, you're not going to get 3 alerts, correct?

  • ALSO- oops, I hope this isn't true- without our groups above, when the traffic unit TR29 is dispatched, will the group containing R29 also get pinged? Or are the commas significant in the group names and it must match exactly a unit between commas??  
  • OK, I had that backwards- so when R29 gets dispatched, will the TR29 group match?  Not so much a problem for us in this scenario, but it would be good to know...