Deleay in receiveing Notices on phone
  • Not sure where to put this so I started here.

    I'm having an issue with the speed at which my Android phone receives the active 911 notices.

    There are times when I get it before we get dispatched and then there are times when I do not get it until after we are on scene.

    I know that the dispatchers are getting them out quickly.
    I know that it could be Verizon.

    But since this could be the primary means of notifying first responders, what can be done about the times where it takes 5-10 minutes to get the notification??

    Are these notices coded as "High Priority" (or something like that so the take residence over everything else?? (Can they be?)

    Are there any settings that I could change on my end to make sure they get to me in a timely manner??

  • My agency in Ohio has also been noticing simliar delays.


  • For Android we use Google's cloud messaging to push notification to your device. Our messages are somewhat at the mercy of GCMs abilities. This is why we don't advertise ourselves as a primary messaging system, but as a supplementary messaging system.

    We are currently investigating ways of improving this part of our functionality.