Smart Watch Intergration
  • Would there ever be a possibility that we could have smart watch integration? I understand that this is a "Newer" Technology but, here is my idea. A basic integration that would have the alerts sent to the watch and the ability to respond via the response buttons. What are your thoughts?
  • Anything more on this for Android?  Looking to get a smartwatch, but only if I can run Active911 on it. 
  • Notifications will go through to android, but there is no specific tooling yet.
  • Is there any update on this effort. In particular to Android Wear integration. I can see the page with the title but is their an effort to allow responses through Android Wear? Thanks
  • Any news on android wear or tizen (gear s2)?
  • No news yet, but we do plan to bring this feature eventually.
  • Does this work with android wear ? I bought a Fossil Gen 3 Smartwatch Q Explorist and can't seem to get active to be found.
  • Zac S.,

    This has still not been scheduled, but our developers have been looking further into it. We have a request on our ideas portal for it here:

    You can vote, comment and track the progress of it there. Please feel free to share too. The more votes, the faster it will get implemented.