Windows Tablet App
  • There's no forum for the Tablet App so I figured I'd toss it in here. 


    1.) Tablet app not getting calls
        I've got a Lumia 735 running Windows 10 mobile build on Verizon. The Wifi networks that I'm connected to do allow all client traffic to all ports. 

        I'll get the push and I'll see the call type but when i click it the app will open and just kind of sit there?


    1.) Option to have the app come to the foreground if a call occurs? I'm not sure if the app framework would allow this but it would be nice for station kiosks and such.

    2.) Measuring tools, I would imagine this is coming up in a coming build because of the push to unify the feature sets. 

    3.) Blue line for routing to clear as you move, in other words the line should clear as the blue dot moves. 

  • Found another bug,

    If you leave the app open for awhile and receive another call you will not get the call. 
  • Thanks for starting this discussion! I'll try to keep up with this forum as well as the PC App discussion.

    I'll see what we can figure out about the tablet app not getting calls. The PC app has a hidden logging window that can be opened and I think the first step will be to get that feature added to the tablet. Then we can get some more information on what is actually going on.

    The first suggestion may not be possible, but the other two should be. I'll see what we can do in future releases.
  • Okay cool! Thanks so much @Robert O