Active911 Display in Station
  • Looking for some ideas above and beyond my own.

    We are building a new station, and I would like to use Active911 on Displays mounted in the station for personnel to look at and see as they are heading to the trucks to make a run. 

    Anyone who has done this, I would like to know what you used to set it up (Computer, Tablet, RPi, ChromeOS stick, etc.) Also let me know the Pros and Cons. I'm sure there is something suitable for this, just trying to figure out what works best, and will jump to the next run dispatched and zoom to an appropriate level, if that's an option. 

  • Where are you located Aaron?
  • Do we know which company they are paying $150/mo for each screen, and $1400 for the development? I didn't see it mentioned. Looks like a nice program.
  • Suburb of Cincinnati, OH.
  • I know I'm a little late to the game but we're using windows assigned access with the windows app
  • We use an iPad mini as an assigned device wall mounted below and HDMI
    connected to a 42" flat screen Vizio.  Gives touch screen functionality
    on the iPad device with large display on the TV.
  • Just got a 40" refurb from Amazon for $149, and a asus chromebit for 89, plus a belkin keyboard with touchpad for $29. works great. But I do like the ipad idea above, the guys would like the touch screen.
    Ours works very well, the chromebit stays awake with the proper settings.
    The chrome browser has 2 windows open with the a911 screen always up and the ability to go to email and get the CAD times and send to the printer when you get back from a run.
  • I use an intel compute stick pc it's windows 10 OS I have active 911 PC app and mango digital signs (free) running side by side. Send me your email I'll show you some pics.
  • How do you have 2 screens running on 1 TV/monitor?