PageGate Issues
  • I recently went to
    our dispatch center and tried to setup the software, and it looks like
    were having issues. Pagegate will not send out any texts or emails, and
    it looks like its because of the current email that dispatch has established to send the emails. I was
    wondering if you could explain how to set PageGate to send from just a
    generic Google email address. Currently they have two DNS server
    addresses in there and I tried to enter in a relay server, but it still
    wouldn't send. Any idea how I could solve this?
    PS I've contacted PageGate and Southern Software and neither have been helpful.


    Raine Coddington

  • Ryan, we have a good relationship with PageGate and can usually get things resolved.  I think Tyler in support usually handles this kind of thing.  You should contact support and get them started coordinating a solution.
  • I can help you Im sure. Ive dealt with pagegate for years and I have it sending standard email and active911 alerts.

    Ill need more information though, as Im not sure exactly how youre configured.

    Feel free to contact me sfields at opecd dot com

    Be prepared to send me some logfiles.
    Scot A Fields
    Network Administrator
    Overton/Pickett Co. E911
    Livingston, TN
  • How does pagegate interact with active 911?

  • Pagegate sends the call to Active 911 via SNPP or SMTP (Email). Your CAD has to be able to send the call to pagegate, and setup so that the group includes your active 911 alert email for that alert group.