AppleTV and tvOS Support for Active911
  • Now that 3rd party apps are available to the AppleTV via the device is there plans to support WebView on this device? I currently am using a Raspberry Pi running Raspian (One Device), UbuntuMATE (Two Devices) and Chrome (22) that's not been updated for quite a while due to no one wanting to compile the latest version of chromium for the arm platform. I've started to use IceWeasle for this, but I have nothing to report as it stands now.

    If we move over to a AppleTV platform, using a dedicated application for tvOS, that would make my life much easier. Having this as a supported platform for displays in the station should make Active911 a much more attractive platform for other departments.
  • Oh, here's something! Running a screen saver while not in use and then when a new alert comes in, moving back to the screen! It would be nice if the screen saver could be information the department places up there so they can use it for both member information as well as alarm information.
  • Anything? Anyone? Hello World!?
  • An Apple TV app would be a huge plus. Great for station monitors.
  • I'll bring it up in our next company meeting to see where/when it fits into our plans, sorry about the delayed response.
  • I brought it up in our meeting and we have no plans to provide AppleTV support at this time.
  • Apple tv support would be a big plus for your service.
    Purchasing and maintaining a PC for each station monitor is costly and a burden.  
  • A raspberry pi for $40 will already work. Just sayin'. 
  • ROKU? Just sayin
  • I also agree Apple TV support would be nice. Although, we have built a Raspberry Pi computer which is purpose built to do one thing, and thats running Active 911 web console. It has an HDMI port on it and they are small enough you could velcro it to the back of a TV monitor. Just an idea.