The assignments video
  • Everything I am reading about the assignments / scheduling tabs sounds very useful, I am having trouble putting it into play or understanding it fully by reading the boards, when is the informational video going to be availabe? I live in Salem, Oregon just up I5 from you all, can I drop in and get some instruction or get a copy of the video from you?

    I really see the value of on the fly assignments and want to institute that in Columbia County, Oregon where I respond as a career Firefighter/Paramedic however I need to be able to adequately explain it to the county fire chiefs in order to get it instituted.

    Do you have an ETA on the release of better information on how to use that feature or the release of the video?

    Thanks for a great product, your hard work and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Scott Nielson FF/PM
    Communications Officer
    Scappoose Rural Fire Protection District
  • Active911 massively needs a Public Information Officer. Preferably one with Video Editing skills perhaps a Podcast letting us know what's going on in there.