Filter Help
  • I'm a little confused on the filter use for the end of message stuff... How can I filter to get STRUCTURE FIRE but not COMMERCIAL FIRE ALARM?
  • Put the word STRUCTURE in your filter list, but not FIRE.
  • Sorry - I still want COMMERCIAL FIRE, HOUSE FIRE, etc. Just don't want any "FIRE ALARM".
  • The space is separating the filter terms so your STRUCTURE FIRE filter is looking for calls with STRUCTURE or FIRE in the call title.

    You could put ^((?!ALARM).)*$ which would give you all calls except ones that have the term ALARM in them.
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  • I use the ^((?!ALARM).)*$  type filtering now, and it works for what i need.  I would like to add another word to it, but cant figure out the sequence.  This way i can stop ALARM and BUSY calls from being sent. I have tried separating comma, but it errors.

  • You will want to use the | like this:

  • Using the last example above, I am trying to build an on-duty filter list that EXCLUDES calls:


    I thought this would exclude all calls with those words in it.  In fact, it is excluding every call we get.  For example, our last two calls were "Mutual Aid" and "Canyon Call"  Neither of those hit on any of the exclude words but they were not forwarded to this user (who was on duty and in the correct page group).

    I'm not getting the verbiage correct for a filter that says "pass everything except these words". 
  • Chad, it looks like you have one too many bars.  The | after Complaint is making it recognize anything (wierd regex thing)

    Try ^((?!Ambulance|Activation|Unknown|Complaint).)*$

    That should pass through anything that does not start with ambulance, activation, unknown or complaint.
  • I just want a simple filter that will allow a dispatch message to come through to me when I am off duty if the number 896 is in the message stream. If I just put 896 as the off duty filter will that work?
  • Hey team. 

    Bit of a double issue here. We have on duty crews, who are also on call off duty, but then they also need to be able to stop their alerts of the off duty turnout if they want, if say they go on holiday and don't want the alerts. therefore a straight filter on duty or off duty doesnt really work. 
    The only way I can think of doing it is have multiple page groups that they can just add themselves to, and let the system filter it out by truck number. Or is the easier way just to use the pagegroup emails?
  • Tristan,

    Yes, as you described, a filter for off duty personnel would not be helpful if they want to go on vacation. If they want to use off duty filters, they will just need to know to remove the filters before they go on vacation. Using groups is a good alternative. You can use the prefix or auto selection method for page groups, but you would need to create a group for each unit you would want to send to. Groups/page groups are nice because you can choose to override shift and filters as well depending on the importance of that group. Also, if a member wants to go on vacation, they can remove themselves from these groups completely so that a override will still not affect them.