• Anyone successfully setup Active911 with Hiplink and/or Spillman CAD?
  • We have our dispatch center who runs spillman cad system and use hip link to send our pages the way we set up was we gave our I.T. contact at county our email code given by Active 911, and he put it in as a contact.
  • Typically I would say it would be similar to how PageGate or other applications would work.  You would make Active911 a "carrier" (i.e. Verizon etc) and then add the email address for your Active911 device as the Active911 device in HipLink.  I am wanting to test this out with our HipLink that we recently installed.
  • Thanks, all for the help. We're were able to get this resolved and successfully sending out cad data to A911. 
  • Just a note for anyone new and wondering, you don't need Hiplink or pagegate to send to Active911 via Spillman IF you have the Rip and Run module.

    Configure Rip and Run for email. Make sure you have stations set up in Spillman that are unique to each page group (or Spillman will send to all in that station even if they are different agencies/groups).

    Make sure your Spillman server has it's sendmail configured (if Unix) or is pointed to your other email server.
  • One of my neighboring counties uses Spillman and some of the departments have shown interest in Active911 but are not sure what the dispatch center needs in order to use A911. I don't think they have any modules or additional 3rd party software installed as they've never had or been requested to send info from the CAD. Those that use Spillman with a 3rd party set up...what's the best way (and cost effective) to do this?