Assignments and Scheduling
  • Is there a way or is it in the works, to have it so when something is scheduled that a message is sent out to all devices assigned to the assignment.

    Example: we have paid staffing during regular business hours (ie 8am-5pm) but a different person works everyday. Have it send a message on their schedule day or a few hours before. Also have it so the schedule can be viewed from the app so they can look for their future days without having to log on.
  • There are many more features we plan to add to the new assignment/scheduling functionality. One we are planning on adding is a messaging feature that will be capable of notifying those assigned to a specific scheduled event.
  • How do you delete an event once it has been created? We created a test event in the system, but do not see a way to delete it? Same with creating an assignment, we created a test assignment and now we can not seem to get rid of it.
  • After an event has been created on the Scheduling tab, you can then click on the event again. There should be two buttons at the bottom of the dialog box that shows up: Save, and Delete.
  • I like the new scheduling function. Are you going to add the ability to make different events different colors? 
    I can set up a shift schedule but it gets confusing when they are all the same color.
  • Brandon_b27,

    We haven't discussed a feature like that yet, but I like the idea. We will keep it in mind for future updates.
  • Can there be more options for recurring events?  i.e. every other week, __th day of the month, etc?

    Can scheduled events send automatic reminders to selected groups at a specified number of minutes/hours.days in advance?
  • I was wondering if you have an update on the ability to send out notifications on scheduling. We would ideally like to use this as a way for people to say they will be attending events like fire prevention night or a training in advance. 

    Any possibility this is completed or near completion?
  • We are very close to releasing the notifications of scheduling to our beta clients, from there it should not take much longer to release it to everyone.
  • In member access, under the new scheduling tab, If I set a reoccurring
    weekly event on the calendar for example "Weekly Training" is there a
    way to have it send an alert every week to all devices? This would be beneficial for all employees, especially my volunteers.
  • Would it be possible to assign a group to an event in the schedule. I would find it helpful for training events where specific groups (stations in my case, officer group, probationary group, etc.) could be entered without having to choose each individual device.

  • Thanks Brian,

    One other feature I would highly recommend is the ability to send a mass message that is similar to an email. With all the different ways people engage whether it be text, apps, or email it would be outstanding if we can send out a message to all users. I also agree with the Captains comments above about reminders/alerts. 
  • Is it possible to show on the webview and on users' devices who is "on duty" at the station? If so, how?
    We have crews that work 8-1630 and a duty night from 1800-0600, being able to see who is on would be greatly useful
  • Kerry,

    The mass messaging within the app is something we have started initial work on.  Not sure what kind of timeframe we have on it, though.


    Support should be able to help you set up assignments that will allow everyone to see the different shifts statuses. Just give them a call or an email.

    Everyone else,
    Thank you for your assignments feedback, keep it coming.  We absolutely want to hear what would make assignments better and more useable.
  • Can you add multiple devices to scheduled event or do I have to enter them one at a time, Also will the scheduling calendar be added to the phone app where users can see events?
  • It would be nice, if we could pick members from groups instead of having to add one at a time for assignments, and scheduling.
  • For scheduling, it would be nice to be able to have a recurring event (i.e. shift schedule) and be able to change specific devices for individual days (i.e. someone working OT on a different shift) without changing ALL of the days of that recurring event. For example, have a feature that says "Save for this day/event only" or "Save for all future events" (Similar to calendars on the iOS system) 
  • Is active911 any closer to getting the feature for scheduling notifications?  It would be helpful to set up an event and have the notification go out, such as our weekly training.  I see this question was asked over a year ago and seems to have dropped off the plate.  Would like this to be addressed again.
  • Is there an update to this comment above???

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