Assignments Beta
  • We are close to releasing our next big new feature which will allow creation of "Assignments".
    These assignments could be places, like "Station 1", "Station 2" etc, or other organization groups like "Squad 1", "Squad 2".
    Once created, devices can be categorized under these assignments, as well as scheduled on a new scheduling tab.
    We need some people who would be interested in testing and providing feedback on these features before rolling it out for everyone.
    Currently, we have the Android App Beta and Webview Beta updated to handle these assignments, with iOS Beta being wrapped up soon.

    If you are interested, please send an email with the subject of "Assignments Beta Signup"

    Please include your Agency, Name, Device Code, and which platform (Android, Webview, iOS) you will be using.
  • Will users be able to state their action so others can see where they are going and what they are doing. We currently have the 5 status buttons set up to do this but the limit of 5 buttons makes it hard. For example we have multiple stations with different resources at each station. For example it would be very helpful for me to see that Dave, who is licensed to drive apparatus is headed to Station 1 along with 2 other firefighters. I would then know to go to Station 2 and grab the Water Tender....
  • You should definitely be able to set that up on your department.  The stations will need to be predefined from the website, but users will be able to change their assignments at will from the list you make.
  • Would this allow users to schedule themselves "On Station" we run a live in program and have several guys the spend time at the station. Would be great to know there is a crew on station to handle AFA. 
  • So where in the Web Console do you add these Assignment Groups?
  • I'm not understanding or seeing where these assignments are added. I'm using an iPhone and don't see where you can do this. Any info on how to add assignments and what and how they will be used.
  • We should be releasing a video shortly that will make things make a lot more sense.  It's not intuitive yet,  the assignments are basically in public beta.

    To answer your question, assignments are added on the website.  You can override your assignment from the app. Update to allow assigning from app coming soon.
  • Today I'm having a lot of issues with this release, in particular how it's effecting the webview screen. Our dispatch monitor is set to auto-refresh on the Active911 Webview. Every time it's loaded, several boxes block the screen with all our people listed as "Unassigned". Tried to assign them to something hoping that would block the screen but that didn't work. When I "x" out of the screens it then doesn't display my people's status. So until we can figure this thing out, our dispatch center can no longer view Active911 data.
  • I think there may be a bug on the Schedulling screen, I can set up a assigment alright, but when i go to the scheduling screen the only functioning section is Device Search. I can add a device but thats all i can do. Nothing else works. Please advise.
  • Andy, don't "X" the agencies.  Instead click the button on the left had side of the right hand sidebar.  This will slide it out of the way.

    We ask in the documentation ( that you please DON'T auto-refresh webview.  Can you disable this? 

  • If you create a schedule/assignment, can you see it from your phone or only on a computer? I see the assignments section on the app under accounts but will it access the schedule area?
  • It's under Personnel
  • Can you assign assignments to a device on the website or does it have to done on each individual phone in the settings? I can't find where to do it.

    It would be nice to do this on the device tab so I can assign members to categories such as engine drivers, lieutenants and fire fighters.

    I don't need to schedule as we are volunteer and are always on call, but setting up assignment groups would make it easier at a glance to see who is responding. 
  • Can you advise how long until the video clip will be out? With the last update coming out all my folks have the assignment area on the app and are asking me questions that I can not answer. I am the county guru for Active, I have set up every agency in my county and they are all asking......That is a lot of questions so the sooner the better please. 

    It appears this will be a great feature, a game changer if you will, but I need to understand it and be able to not only explain it but be able to set it up for everyone much sooner then later.

    Thanks for your great work!
  • Once I saw the update come out I informed my department to ignore the new beta feature at the moment and that I would be explaining it to them as soon as the feature is ready. 

    Like Jon M. (comment above) my department would benefit from the ability for me to assign devices to assignments from the website instead of the individual phones. Even an option to restrict individual people from changing their assignments might be useful. These options may already be in the works but I wanted to explain how my department hopes to use the new feature. 
    Our department is structured into multiple companies and I would like to reflect those groups using assignments. Ex: A shift, B shift, ect. 

    Thank you for a sweet product and the constant refinement and addition of features. 
  • So far I'm liking the new update. I added a test event to the schedule and cannot see it anywhere. Also there needs to be a way to add bulk devices to a scheduled event instead of one at a time. How will people see the schedule? Or the schedule should be posted fo everyone and if your going there should be an attend or not attending feature.

    With the Assignment tab what does that allow us to do?

  • The Problem that I have with the new Assignments Section in Webviewer is this is now not a Quick Glance tool. Before I could Glance at the Screen and see who was responding or not to the station. Now it covers up the Map on the screen and I have a long list of Personnel to look through to see who is Responding and it also shows personnel responses from previous calls which is not good. I understand the beta testing aspect and here is my input. The way it was before is excellent for volunteer departments because the personnel responses were under the current dispatch call. Maybe if it were possible the assignments section could be optional for the departments to choose or not to choose.
  • JTLucas5270 - I agree. The new webview is completely unusable for my small volly squad. The call window on the left only shows some of the responding units and the assignment window (which we do not use) covers the map on the right and shows out of date status for the units it shows.

    Rule #1 - Stale and inaccurate data have no place on an operational display.

    As it stands now, there is no way for me to tell who is or is not responding to a call without a smartphone. My station display is a display-only device that I do not even want a mouse or a keyboard attached to, so clearing unnecessary displays is something that I don't want to have to do. Our station display is single-purpose and I don't want anyone even having the chance to play with it.

    I am a programmer myself and there is no way that I would release safety related updates without a way for the user to opt out of the test. In fact, general safety principles dictate that the user should have to opt in to any beta update.

    My squad is nearing the end of its trial period and I'm not sure that I want to upgrade to a paid account with a major piece of the system inoperative.

    I understand, and applaud, the initiative to continue improving and expanding your service. But when the service is public safety related, phase-in of new features must be handled correctly or not at all.
  • Please send an Email letting us know when the video has been posted and a link to it, Thanks
  • JTLucas5270 and g0lden12,

    You can disable assignments for your webview computer by clicking on the gear and setting the status sidebar to "Hide", which will make webview exactly like it was before the update.
  • Brian W. - Thank you. But will hiding the status bar make the incident display on the left start showing all the responding units again? If not, then the new webview is still seriously broken.

    As I said, I applaud the ongoing support and development. But a beta test is when you offer software that has been well tested in the lab to selected users who agree to use software at might have problems. This was pushing unfinished and undocumented software onto public safety agencies without even a "by your leave". That is amateurish behavior. I'm sorry, I expect better.
  • Has part of the assignment tab (beta) but turned off? It does not allow me to add members to an assignment?
  • Yeah, I think it's off still. Webview wasn't clearing people so they disabled it.
  • Nothing has been turned off, if you do not see a gear to the left of your assignments you may only have the view assignments permission and not the edit assignment permission.  If you do have the edit assignment permission ( in the users tab) please contact support.