Future Updates
  • Hi,


    Is there anything is development or any plan to have the abilty to go into the personnel section of the Active911 app and see who is Around and who is not around. Personnel use the current toggle button under the app settings to go off duty on duty, as soon as the switch it, this shows the change in the personnel section of the app. This is needed for our Fire Station, as we do not run on shifts, we run on who ever is aviable when the call comes to us.

    This is extremely important to Volunteer Fire Station.

    Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

  • We're working on this right now, should be out in the next month or so
  • That will be a feature we will be looking forward to.
  • Any new updates about to be released or coming up?
  • I'd like the ability to build custom schedules, not pick from the list. We have a bunch of members that are career firefighters (using Active911) on 48/96 and California shifts, and then volunteer firefighters with agencies. They'd like an "auto" schedule that was the opposite of their work schedule (98/46 for example). If we could build a custom work schedule, that would solve that.
  • I'd like to be able to turn off the 'auto mapping' feature.  I'd rather just be able to see the incident location and choose the mapping feature if I need it.
  • Any idea when the update is coming? Thought it was suppose to be out in the beginning of May?
  • It's mostly functional in beta, but we want to make it a little nicer before general release.
  • If you're looking for beta testers I would love to help!
  • Glad you're interested in beta testing. Please contact our support team and they will help you with the process.
  • Any thoughts about putting a "working fire" button on the screen so when the first arriving chief or unit arrives and it is a working fire, pressing this button will send out another alert advising "working fire"????
  • What will the new update consist of?