Spillman Question
  • Any idea if Spillman can be setup to send updates in the cad comments to A911 as they happen? Currently our setup has the initial page going from spillman to hiplink to A911. The only time that anything is updated is if another apparatus is added to the call, this will generate another page but it would be nice if it could update the comments real time.
  • No, Spillman doesn't have the capability to send directly to us. They have to use a third party like Hiplink or Pagegate.
    Active911, Inc
  • Even if they could I don't see the ability for A911 to add them to the call anyways. The only things that will update are units, address and call type. Anything else that is sent along as an update will just generate a duplicate page.
  • Those of you that are using hipline, or pagegate, do you still see that active 911 alerts coming in fast in comparison to your tone times?
  • Michael: The support team have a lot of settings that they can change to merge duplicates, etc. - so if what you set up is not doing the trick, please call or write them.
  • Brent, my experience is that Pagegate is fast when you only have 1 person in it (Active911 can be that one "person") but slows down when you have a lot of numbers/email addresses unless you pay PageGate more money.
  • We use Spillman/Hiplink. When the dispatcher initiates the call in Spillman it takes about 3-10 sec., before the devices get paged. Sometimes we get the page before the tone... all depends on your dispatcher policy for toning/entering calls.
    The only portion that would delay your page is your email server - clean/fast email servers = fast pages.
  • We use Spillman without any paging service (Hiplink, Pagegate, etc.).

     We have the Spillman Rip and Run module and we use that to send to Active911. This still will not enable a re-send when comments are updated, but it does go directly to Active911 without Hiplink. 

      The disadvantage is that we do not have tones generated automatically. Our dispatchers must manually trigger our tones on their Radio PC console (Or via the manual buttons on the backup console).