Can duplicate pages update the comments of the call?
  • According to the documentaion:

    • The Update feature will update the existing alarm with notes describing the time of the change, and the altered location, title, or units dispatched. All other fields are discarded. The map marker showing the alarm location does not move, even if the address is re-paged and updated

    From this it looks like the comments section will not be updated when an updated page is received. Can this be changed?

    We would like to have our CAD send out an alert whenever a new comment is added to the call. But, if Active911 is not going to update that section anyway it is irrelevant.

    Also, would it be possible to give the app user the option to have the alert tone different or silent for updated alerts versus new alerts? Personally I would prefer to be able to set an audible alert for new pages and a vibrate alert for updates and no popup alert for updates as well. 
  • Good question.  Yes, it can update the notes - you have to contact support in order to get this and other "secret" features (I think I'll bring this up and see if we can get the documentation modified).

    There is also support for silent updates when an existing call is modified.  Again, you need to get support to do this for you.
  • Great. I'll be calling soon.