Multiple Agencies
  • Is it possible for a user (that is a member of multiple agencies) use one device and receive alerts for each agency?
  • Yes.  Once you register with the first agency, you can add your device code as an existing user to other agencies.
  • Does the device holder also have to pay the other department(s) to have the device on their account as well?
  • No. Only one license per physical device is required...doesn't matter how many departments that device is affiliated with. 
    ~Jeff Howard
    Captain, Parkwood Fire Dept
    Durham, NC
  • I am not seeing alarms online for my second department. 
    I get alarms on my phone but I can't look them up later on my PC. 
    We have looked multiple times for anything in profile to change, but still not working. 

    Are we missing something or do I need to call support?

  • Jerold, are you looking specifically in the alarm section for your second department? There is a drop down on the left side of the A911 page that lets you select which department you want to view.  If the answer to that is "yes", then it sounds like you don't have permissions to view alarms for that second department on the website.
  • I click on the down arrow by the department name and select the second department. 
    It comes up with the other department but the Alarms button isn't available.  

    I will have to look at 'permissions to view alarm'.  I don't remember seeing that but I didn't know what to look for. 
    I think that I am the only one with a second department and they haven't had to do any other configuring besides creating each account. 

    I have wondered what the difference was between 'Users' and 'Devices'.  When we were looking at the configurations, there were a couple of recent recruit people in the 'Users' section.  It didn't look like they had any permissions but I didn't think the they should have been 'Users'.  These new people also had their phones in the 'Devices' section.  I am not sure how they got entered as users. 
  • The problem is definitely that you don't have rights to view alerts from the 2nd department. You'll need to have the administrator of that department (if it is not you) add the view alerts right to your user account.

    Users are people that can log into the website, devices are things that receive alerts. By default (I think) auto create users is turned on. It's an agency setting. In which case if someone enters their email address at the log in screen and that email address matches the email listed in one of your devices it will automatically create a user account for that person and let them sign into the website. They won't have any rights to do anything except maybe manage their device, I'm not even sure they can that though.