A few questions and/or suggestions...
  • Good Evening,

    I have a few questions or suggestions about helping to improve active911's use at our agency.

    1. We serve a small town as well as many very small communities in our area. Some locations that most of us are unfamiliar with show up in the wrong location (15 miles away) due to errors in google maps. We can catch these en-route when verifying in our map back and also correct the problem after the fact with google, but would it be possible to have a feature on the maps that shows the dispatched address AND a pin with the GPS coords, if sent? Changing our agency dispatches to GPS breaks our mapping because our Dispatch center does not always send them.

    2. Since our district has separate fire and ems agencies, we don't need to have fire hydrants on our maps. I would like to use the feature for displaying per-designated landing zones, though. When testing this, my device (android) has to be zoomed in much further than most of us will zoom in if I want to see the pins. Is there a way to display these pins when zoomed out further?

    3. Is it possible to enter agency-only notes for specific addresses that will automatically be added to dispatches? Something like "Consider additional resources for lift assist", etc?

    Thank you
    1. We had that same problem with our department when it came to MVAs. This was due to how the Dispatch office was sending the alarms to the Active911 server. We flipped over too Active911's "Standard A" parser and changed the MVA data to ensure that it had just 1 block on it.
    2. That's not configurable as far as I'm aware currently.
    3. In FDNY this is known as "Premise Data" on their MDT and it's something that you're dispatch software would need to send to the Active911 server.
  • 1) It sounds like we can do this using our new parser engine.  Please submit a ticket to support@active911.com and our parser programmer can implement this for your agency.

    2) In the Android app there is a setting called "Map Marker Density".  If you set that to Rural, it should show you map markers at a bigger zoom level.

    3) We do not currently have the capability to add information to the alert based on the location of the alert, the closest thing would be to put a map marker at the location so it would show up when you map the alert.

    Thanks for the feedback!