• Currently the Send alert button is in the agency tab.

    I want someone to be able to send alerts by logging in to the website. I added the send alert box to there permissions but they are unable to see the alert button unless they are also able to access the agency tab. I do not want this person to have access to the agency tab ( due to changes being made to the system possible). is there a way to access the alert button on the agency tab without having access to the agency tab or can you make the send alert its own tab?

  • What about letting them send alerts from Webview?  That might be easier and you don't need to give them additional permissions.
  • Web view could be done from the station but I want this person to be able to log in from home and send alerts for non emergency items (funeral details, training ect). if they use web view to do this they would be logging in and out of web view .active911 wants web view to be a permanently running device that does not log off.
  • True...  If it's not very frequent, I doubt that would be a problem.

    How about sending an email? There is a wiki on how to format an email message so it shows up like an alert.  Would that work for this individual?

  • ill take a look.
  • I don't suggest using the email address for sending manual alerts.  I was allowing one of our departments to use the the email address string for announcements and his email account was hacked and we started receiving spam over our Active 911.
  • I would like my people to be able to send out alerts but do not want them to be able to edit or delete those alerts. How can I go about that. It seems that if they have the ability to send it they also can delete it after.
  • We do not currently support the ability to send alerts, but not edit them. If someone has the send alert capability, they will be able to send alerts and edit any alert.

    In our system, it is not possible to delete alerts. If someone does delete an alert, they are deleting it from their device and it will still show up in the web interface.