Parser/Activation Time
  • I read alot of this forum before posting... but as of Aug 2014 can someone tell me about what the lead time is for Active911 to do the "parsing" and get your account "activated".  I am getting the alerts as they go thru the CAD to Active911 unique email for our Dept and obviously they need a little tweaking.  Once I get the acct activated I am looking to add about 75-100 devices...but want to get the bugs out and build some filters before I launch it.

    Some other forum discussion showed a "few weeks" backlog as of April. Really excited to get this up and running for our Town!
  • I'm finding they handle parsing requests in a day or two.  I'd send an email to support if you have been waiting more than a week for it to get fixed - as long as there have been a dozen or so pages sent to the system.