Webview without map (i.e. responders only?)
  • Hi.  After a semi-successful beta last year, we are getting ready to deploy A911 full scale, now that our dispatch can send the emails directly from the CAD instead of going through our station (which proved problematic).

    Is there a way to get a PC view of who is responding, etc., WITHOUT a map?  This is for several reasons:  first, it would save A911 $ from google.  Secondly, where I would like to deploy this (on apparatus MDCs and in the engine room) has no need for mapping- the county MDC software does a fine job of mapping already.  Plus, the MDCs run off of 4G, and every bit of bandwidth saved is good.  So, I'd like to be able to have a web interface running on the MDC where the officer can look up and see the personnel responding.  For instance, a captain on the front seat of the engine can see that a chief officer is already headed to the scene, or s/he can see that there are five personnel aside from the onboard crew headed to the station, so they know they can get the ladder or a second pumper out if necessary.  Also, it would allow for a larger personnel view for easier reading at a distance (in the case of a monitor mounted in the engine room).  Thanks.  
  • I think that is a great idea!   Somewhat for quite the opposite reason as you:   Between heavy and inconsistent shorthand used by our dispatch center, house address numbers not even being in google, and the inconsistency of street naming on google (e.g. "Farm to Market 14", to "FM 29" to "FM-31", not to mention all the variations of "Van Zandt County Road", like "CR 4700" or "VZCR4000"), the mapping for our area is mostly useless.   Perhaps as many as 2% of our calls display accurately on the map.   If we could suppress the map function displayed in our apparatus bay, it might make things better for us, instead of running the risk of someone thinking the mapped location is accurate.
  • We are currently using the Active911 system in all of our apparatus with iPads and are utilizing a big screen television in our engine room for viewing incoming dispatches. We used to use the I Am Responding system and have since switched to Active911. It would be great to have the option to view either the current MapView or switch to a Personnel Responding screen. We currently have 1 piece of apparatus that is staffed with full time personnel, the remainder staffing is provided by volunteers. It would be especially nice to have the on duty shift captain be able to view whether or not there is staffing at the station to field units for additional calls or if cover companies are needed. 
  • Great idea especially for large displays where map detail isn't really relevant. Although we do often run multiple or back to back calls, I don't know how you would account for that and be able to see everyone. Have it rotate amongst active calls? How does it know when a call is no longer active?
  • Would you like something that is exactly like Webview, but without the map?  So it would list all the alarm, and who is responding to them, but that is all?
  • I believe so, but w/ more functionality, like rosters, schedules, and bulletin/ticker abils  or some way to alert of OOS apparatus, important news, events/drills , emergencies, etc. we would also like to see timestamps for our calls that come in showing via that interface that can be posted as a 'bulletin' basically w/ live info.
  • You could also just update Webview, so if they push an 'x' it would close webview, and show pertinent info - when a calls comes in it could pop the map back up , and the 'x' can close it again, etc. can make it optional if you want new alerts to open the map window, or to ignore, or that kind of thing.

    So basically Webview could be a detailed and informative bulletin kind of system we display electronically live data on the lcd's etc - and then a similar version we would use in our apparatus, but we could see the map too if we choose to.

  • I think a bunch of us are after similar stuff here.  We also have a large flat screen in our apparatus bay. Right now, it has IamResponding on it.  I very much want to replace that with Active911 - but the feature parity is just not there.  This needs to be a monitor that has no human interaction (no keyboard or mouse).  We'd like it to show: Everyone who is on-duty at the moment (this can be entered manually each day on the website) and then a section of who is responding to the station (they would have to hit one of the 5 response buttons on the phone application).  

    I still want the map, but much smaller.  We'd like to actually stay zoomed out and see where our volunteers are that are responding so we know how close / far they are from the station before we would roll an apparatus (do we wait?).
  • OK, so basically the same thing we already have right now, but with the addition of a duty roster?
  • Joseph, correct on the addition of a duty roster. And since this is not used for active mapping, the map portion of the screen can be much smaller to make room for larger duty roster and responding area so you can see the names on screen from afar.
  • OK, that sounds decent.  I'll mention it at our company meeting.  We'll probably have to take care of some other ongoing projects first, but that should be doable
  • I am very interested in this as well. If you are thinking about duty rosters, how about a "status board" type setup. Primarily for equipment riding assignments, in or out of service display, daily planned activities, drills, housework assignments etc.

    For stations with HDTV's in their apparatus area-this would be an awesome upgrade. Maybe even the call being displayed for 2-3 minutes across the entire screen-then back to the "status board" display.

    Also-any thought of updating the Android app for the Android Mini PC's? The type that look like a thumb drive and plug into the HDMI of a tv. 
  • BUMP...Any updates of the "Status Board" projects?
  • It's what the programmers have been working on for the past month or so.  It's our main project right now, should be out in the next month ish
  • Please keep us informed.  We liked what we saw at FDIC and currently use IAR.  We need this functionality because we are a POC department and need to see at the station whom is responding.
  • I agree with Rob K.  Most agencies, like us, are probably using Webview on a TV to display calls and personnel locations.  It really isn't used for the "map" feature.  Especially since it is hard to see/read exactly where the call is by looking at the map (depending on zoom level).  It would be very helpful to have a smaller map for Webview and also have the most recent call show up as large text or scroll on screen or something like that for a set amount of time.  It would just make it easier to quickly look at the screen and see what the call is and the address while on the way to the apparatus.
  • We've heard this before.  We're working on a PC app that should give you this feature.