Order of responses
  • On webview, the order of responses is unhelpful. I would like to see all the users that are responding at the top, and others below.  It's no help when the list pushes them off the bottom.
    Lt. J. Indelicato, EMT
    Brockport Fire District
    38 Market Street
    Brockport NY 14420
  • I would also like to see the RESPONDING at the top of the list.
  • I agree... and perhaps orderd on descending time of reply.....
    e.g. The last guy "responding" is at the top.
  • That's why we turned off the "WATCH" on our departments so that we only see responders.  It's in the Agency Settings page if you're an admin.  It's also been requested before to have the ability to SORT that list, but there was apparently some limitation based on each agency's ability to customize the response buttons.  I suggested being able to sort them by order of buttons, or alphabetical. That way all if you want button 1 (Responding) to come before Button 2 (something else), you could do that, or else if alphabetical (chronological), Station 1 would come before Station 2 on the list.  A 3rd sort option could be what you said, which would be put the last responder on top/bottom. 
  • Ryan, you are correct about turning off "Watch" updates.... we've done that here too.
    But what I figured the OPs were talking about was on the personnel list where it shows every person/account/device in alphabetical order.   So in our case "Bill" is at the top of the list while I'm closer to the bottom.   If I've responded, and Bill has not, others would prefer to see me (and others who have responded) at the top of the list, and let Bill show up farther down because he has not responded.

    And if we can ever get an "off-duty" status indicator on the personnel list, it would be nice to see them completely at the bottom, below those who are on-duty but have yet to press any response button.