Automatically send status UNAVAILABLE ?
  • Is there a way, any setting, that can automatically send my status as unavailable? 
    If I am at the pool and am not going to be close to my phone to hear pager or alert but want to let others know that I am not going to a call... 
    If I don't do anything then I don't show up but 'maybe I just didn't hit a respond button' yet... 
  • Jerold,

    Are you wanting to still be receiving the alerts while you are "unavailable"?
  • Yes.  I would like to receive alerts.  I might forget to change my 'AutoUnavailable' and should be able to click a button to change to Responding if I am going to the call. 

    If I set my status to Unavailable then I don't even get alerts.  I haven't played with OffDuty to see if it automatically sends Unavailable.  That would send 'Unavailable' but if I am not getting the alert then I can't change my status to Responding.  
  • Jerold,

    Right now you can set your status in settings to "off duty available" which will send you alerts within a 5 mile radius. 

    At this moment there is not automatic responding or availability.