Exclusion filters
  • Is it possible that you could provide additional information on the syntax for using filters for excluding certain pages?  You provide an example and in a few postings you evaluate some user attempts at excluding pages but the only reference you provide for the appropriate syntax is that you can 'search the Internet' for it.  However, there are hundreds of languages that use searches with 'if' and 'not' syntax with various symbology.  It would be helpful to know exactly how a filter that excludes certain call types should be constructed and if it ties to a specific search language a reference to that as well. You also identify that the space on filter words breaks apart the search words.  Does this then also follow conventional search logic in that you can look for a phrase if you surround the phrase in quotes?

    Thank you
  • The filters functionality uses regular expressions. Here's a link to a "cheatsheet": https://www.cheatography.com/davechild/cheat-sheets/regular-expressions/

    You can find a lot of information online by searching Google for "regular expressions". If you need further assistance, your best bet is to contact our support team directly by calling 541-223-7992.